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Masonry Construction and Masonry Repair

Tuck pointing (re mortar)

Historical, Residential, Commercial, Institutional

Our experts can determine the cause of the failed masonry (mortar) and give detailed advice to you before tackling the problem, we want to ensure you that you understand the reasons behind having to remove and replace your masonry (mortar) in the first place.  Many factors in needing a masonry repair or masonry construction can be for example:  a failure in the brick units it selves or just simple age and weathering these are factors we will explain upon our visit with you.   We will match your existing masonry (mortar) color so the transition from old to new does not differ.  
We at ClayMori Build And Restore expertise in historical preservation, masonry and concrete and have worked in restoring all types of masonry on stone and brick suited from its original condition to its new stature using its original properties again. (defining preservation) Oldest worked on to account 180 years. 

Brick Replacement
Historical, Residential, Commercial, institutional

Bricks being an important thermal mass and as aesthetically appealing to a structure as it is and can eventually break down with time.  Those disadvantages of brick can be avoided by early detecting the problems with them before they occur further.  In most cases bricks can lose its integrity by involving the elements such as rain, frost, humidity,  all can be examples of the root causes.  But neglect or poor installation from its original build can also be factors.  We at ClayMori Build And Restore will take the necessary steps and walk you the client through describing the causes and means to making it “good again”.  We will be able to investigate and when determined will match your existing brick and install it to original place. .

Chimney Restoration/ Rebuilding
Residential, Historical

Chimneys are an essential part of your home as many of them are built in the past and present, they are a great way of making the home appealing and their function even greater. They are designated to withdraw heat and gases through the uses of wood fireplaces or of natural gas furnaces.  After periods of time they like the rest of your home are exposed to the elements.  It will lose its integrity once its been compromised by ways of cracking in the mortar or failing bricks.  We at ClayMori Build And Restore will give you the client options on how to deal with this issue.  Some ways of solving these issues are to restore certain brick or reinstall new mortar (masonry) or both at the same time based on where deterioration has occurred.  Another way based on the severity of the repair, is to completely bring the chimney down to the roof line or where the masonry is most solid and rebuild entirely with matching bricks and matching mortar.  Or another more affordable option, if the chimney no longer is needed and does not serve any significant purpose is to completely tear down and plywood the hole left and shingle over.  Again we will advise you on the methods and measures to take, keeping and working to your budget.


Window Sill and Ledge
Residential, Commercial, Institutional

We offer a range of solutions and products for windows as far as the sill and ledge goes.  Over time they begin its journey to becoming “something else to fix” and undetected can cause serious water damage inside your walls and deteriorate the window itself.  Weather being a main reason for the failure in most window sill units.  They can collect rain water and snow build up, causing it to deteriorate.  Some other reasons can be poor installation or as common in most cases the caulking or masonry sealant has failed.  Restoration means replacement and unfortunately the best suited option but we at ClayMori Build And Restore can make your brick or stone sill new again.   We install stone, brick and precast (concrete) or build new brick and put it back to its original place.


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Over time, the deterioration of brick or masonry occurs.  It is preventable in most cases, but ultimately unavoidable. 

If you are experiencing and have taken notice to something that does not seem to look right around your homes exteriors, please take action. Something as little as a crack in your wall or missing mortar on your brick it will and can continue to erode and become an even bigger problem in the future and even a bigger problem in your wallet or bank account.  Neglect can lead to issues.  For example:  if you notice your bricks on your chimney crumbled or missing that can mean either water is penetrating in behind the brick caused by missing or eroded mortar or even the sealant on the cap has deteriorated.  Weathering occurs freeze and thaw, rain and continuous bombardment of these weather elements can result in the absolute failure of the brick and the mortar holding it in place.  Basically the system fails the chimney collapses and you have a problem.  Avoid the headache of those expensive property or personal damage lawsuits. 
With us by your side we at ClayMori Build And Restore can reassure you that no problem with your masonry or concrete can remain unsolved and with that we will be with you every step of the way.  We at ClayMori Build and Restore will meet all your home and business restoration needs. We will determine and tackle the issue.  Our sales will work with you and your budget to ensure the work gets done without any added financial stress.   We want you to trust us and we want to make absolutely sure you get the friendliest and the best service guaranteed.


Openings and Lintels, Shelf Angles
Residential, Commercial, Institutional

We build and cut out openings.  At ClayMori Build And Restore we can cut a new window or doorway as you require and need it.  Your back door turned into a sliding more spacious opening.  Open up your surroundings as well.  An example of this is demolishing a wall that is attached to a new addition and creating an open concept.  With that we install a beam or lintel as part of the new structural opening.    Restoring lintels and arches are an essential part of the integrity of your structure (house or building).  Lintels come in different sizes and bearing thicknesses and consist of different make ups such steel, wood or even concrete.  Arches being mainly brick or stone and or concrete are used to transfer the weight and load of the wall over an openings.  Lintels do and are aesthetically appealing to your home or building as well.

Some reasons of lintels and arches and shelf angles failing are improper size and installation.  It can cause the wall to crack usually in a 45-degree angle.  Another is the installer caulking the top of the lintel which restricts the water from escaping and traps it in causing rust to occur and the surrounding wall and masonry to deteriorate faster.  We at ClayMori will suit the needed size and remove and reinstall the lintel and arch to the way and the right specs to ensure this problem will not occur again.