We treat all building structures big or small with the best in care and want to work with you to get through your repair or new project with ease and with confidence.


ClayMori build and Restore Masonry and Concrete can repair or depending on the severity can and will assist you in investigation and possible solutions if not the ultimate solution to the problem.  We can guide you step by step and work with you in providing a solution that best suits your situation and your budget. Here are some examples of what ClayMori can do for you.

Foundation and wall parge
Repairs to foundation walls (exterior and interior)
General building envelope concrete repairs and restorations
Top or overlay epoxy coatings
Walkway and slab re-pouring or resurfacing
Steps and staircase building and restoration
Driveway and curb
Sealing and waterproofing
Post column repairs
Bulkhead repairs
Rebar replacement

ClayMori Build and Restore AND CONCRETE!!!!!!!!!!

 As mentioned in our site, the importance of masonry construction and masonry repair.  With that always keeping in mind the indications and warning signs that will help prevent further costs to incur onto your home and property.  But what if those aren’t the only things to look at or the other materials used to build your home.  Of course exterior functions such as your roof are one main thing to check off your inspection list how about your foundation or you front steps, even your concrete walkway.  Having known that most building apartments and condominiums are primarily made of concrete as well.  For a thousand years’ concrete has been part of the higher end and respected building material used to construct the wonders of our world to the foundations of our homes. It is one of the most durable building materials.   Its superior strength and fireproof resistance is by far the embodiment of our times.  There are different types and grades of concrete for many different purposes such as high traffic areas like driveways or walkways that may need a stronger level of density.  Mostly concrete is poured joining to reinforcing material like rebar metal that is embedded to provide tensile yielding strength.  Its energy efficiency far succeeds earlier building materials and the building or structures lifetime.

But…. Like all building materials concrete doesn’t last forever.  With neglect and poor attention, it can be a worst nightmare.  Some causes of concrete failing are; rebar corrosion due to exposure to chemicals and air born dioxides.  Water reactions to the chemical compounds in the concrete itself causing cracks or a gel like substance to appear.  And weather can cause concrete to fail when exposed water can get inside the concrete mass creating freezing expanding the crack to eventually falling off.

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Masonry Construction and Masonry Repair